Nautilus Investments Corporation is a specialist property company, established to seek out and identify distressed property and debit opportunities that enhance returns for investors.

Using extensive networks and measured, high calibre criteria, we apply our multi-level skill base and specialist knowledge to determine and develop opportunities for high net worth clients and sophisticated investors. Our aim is to provide above average returns by astutely purchasing property assets at well below their true market or replacement value. Where required, we increase value by developing the asset to maximize on use and gain. 

Nautilus Investments Corporation holds an AFS licence, enabling us to form development investment syndicates to purchase: 

- Distressed Assets

- Development Sites

- Passive Income Producing Investments

Nautilus Investments Corporation arranges syndicates for sophisticated and professional investors. If you are interested in becoming an investor in one of Nautilus' future projects, please Enquire Here


Passive Investment

Nautilus Investments Corporation provide well researched and carefully managed, passive investment opportunities for our investors. These have the potential for strong capital growth due to value add management and potential to increase income by creating the highest and best use for the property. Our most recent example is at Yatala, Queensland, an industrial site that has realised a 75% gain on the property after only 18 months.  

Development Investments

Nautilus Investments Corporation focus on the remarkable opportunities within the Queensland, Western Australian and Victorian markets. We investigate industrial, commercial and residential sectors within these regions, selecting exceptional purchasing opportunities that we believe will increase value for our investment syndicate.

We consider asset characteristics and their maturity (undeveloped, partially or fully developed), then we thoroughly analyse each asset opportunity in relation to cost-to-complete, timeline-to-income, timeline-to-exit, or sell down. Our meticulous processes and customised approach ensure each project delivers on value and outcome for all stakeholders and communities therein.